6th Annual Artsakh Wine Festival
21 September 2019, Togh village, Hadrout region, Artsakh
The history of winemaking in Armenia has started from the grape seed planted by Noah at the foothill of Biblical mount Ararat. Thousands of years have passed since then, and the modern Armenia still plants the grapevines, continuing the traditions of local winemaking and producing excellent and unique wines.
Most Armenian vine varieties are indigenous, that means they grow only in this region
and nowhere else in the world.

Each autumn Armenian winemakers come to Togh village in Artsakh to share their achievements and experience. Over the time, this event transformed into a joyful harvest festival, visited by many wine-lovers and professional wine critics from all over the world. The festival is especially appealing because it takes place on the territory of a XVI century Prince Yeghan's Palace, now an archeological sight and one of the main regional tourist attractions. Local excavations prove that the winemaking traditions here have a long history, which goes back for many centuries.
Festival statistics, 2018
Participating wineries: 25
Home-made wines: 12
Featured wines: Kataro, Keush, Karas, Armenia Wine, Zorah Karasi, Koor, Old Brige, Zulal, Takri, Zara wines, Van Ardi, Voskeni wines, ArMas, Vanqasar, Maran, Ijevan, Karat, Shekher, Martakert and others.
Visitors: 4500
Visitors countries: Armenia, Russia, USA, UK, France, Hungary, Canada

In 2019 Artsakh Wine Festival will take place on 21 September in 16th century Prince Eghan's Palace, Togh village, Hadrout region, Artsakh.
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5th Artsakh Wine Festival map
Riedel wine glass reserved for each guest
Entrance fee 4 USD for 18+
For younger guests entrance is free
Tour "History and Winemaking"
Winetasting master-class with Vahe Keushguerian
Gala Dinner with Winemakers
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