Region description
Republic of Artsakh
Republic of Artsakh is located in the southeast of Caucasus Minor, bordering Armenia to the West, Iran to the South and Azerbaijan (closed border)

Total territory: 11,300 sq. km

Capital: Stepanakert

Language: Armenian

Average altitude: 1100 meters above sea level. Most vineyards located at the elevation 200-1000 m above the sea level.

Climate: moderately soft, close to the dry subtropical climate. Region requires low irrigation in viticulture, mostly used dry farming.

Average annual temperature: 10-13 C, absolute lows do not fall beyond -11 C, -15 C.

Hottest months: July and August, average temperature 23 C.

Rainfalls: mainly in the May-June and September-October.
Precipitation: 500-700 mm per year.

Soils: limestone-rich, loamy, gravelly soils
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Official statistics
Grape growing output: 10.000 tons (2017)
Grapes planting area: 1888 hectars (2017)
Grape yield capacity: 46,7 centners per ha (2017)
Wine production: 220.000 liters (2018)