Arba wine in "Armenian Wines" Annual guide
Arba wine by winemaker Mike Badalyan has been a "discovery of the year": first represented during Artsakh Wine Tasting event in Stepanakert, it is now featured among Artsakh wines in the 3rd edition of "Armenian Wines" guide published by famous Russian Sommelier Arthur Sarkissyan. on Artsakh winemaking
Famous US-based media source published an article on the winemaking in Artsakh and its potential, also featuring the Artsakh Wine Tasting that took place on April 7th this year.
First Annual Artsakh Wine Tasting
VWA ("Vinegrowers and Winemakers Association") has begun to implement the projects, aimed at promotion of Artsakh wines. The first step was made on April 7th 2019, when more than 15 local wine producers presented their achievements to the public. The wines were highly evaluated by professional sommeliers, confirming that Republic of Artsakh has a great potential of becoming a new world wine region, especially with their indigenous grape varieties.
Blind Wine Tasting for HoReCa
On April 6th 2019 in Stepanakert took place "blind tasting" of various wines for HoReCa representatives from Artsakh. The event was chaired by Arthur Sarkissyan - Honored Sommelier of Russia, wine critic, author of annual wine guides "Wines of Russia" and "Wines of Armenia".
The goal of the event was to teach how to correctly taste a wine, define various aromas and tastes and evaluate various producers.
ProWein 2019
Artsakh Wines were proudly presented at ProWein 2019 Expo, which took place from 17 till 19 March in Dusseldorf, Germany.
Photo by Wine and Vine Foundation of Armenia
ProdExpo 2019
A member of Vinegrowers and Winegrowers Association - Kataro wines by Domaine Avetissyan, took part in ProdExpo 2019 Exhibition in Moscow.
Artsakh Wine Festival 2018
Artsakh Wine Festival takes place each year in September in Togh village. First Festival was held in 2014; from 2015 it is organized under the patronage of Vinegrowers and Winemakers' Association.
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